Don’t deny it. I’m guilty of it, you’re guilty of it, the guy down the street is guilty of it. We’re all prideful to some extent — some more than others, and some more blind to it than others — but we’re all pretty much prideful bastards. And it’s all good… a little pride never hurt anybody. It gives us a sense of self-respect and self-worth, it helps us to maintain a healthy and dignified attitude about who we are and how we should be treated, and most importantly, it makes us feel better. But the fact of the matter is: PRIDE IS A FABRICATION OF OUR IMAGINATION. It’s as nonexistent and intangible as the idea of a good-looking UC Berkeley student. We have to realize that we create pride ourselves, and it’s one big fat fabrication. Now as I said before, a little pride never hurt nobody: if you ask the Denny’s waitress for some more water and she says “get it yo’self biiiiaaatch!!” then i think you should have enough pride to give her less tip. But it’s when pride (a creation of your imagination) gets in the way of things that are REAL (like your relationships, your friends, love, family, God, school, job) — that’s where the problem is. If you let pride overcome your relationships with your loved ones, then you have jus replaced something real with something fake. Just think about that the next time you catch yourself ruining a good relationship, just because you think you’re right and you shouldn’t apologize. 100% of the time that you’re angry is because you ALLOW yourself to be — don’t let anger and pride ruin things in your life that are way more important in the long run.


… and a happy birthday shoutout to my homie NitiN. happy 20th nugggggguh …


~ by roychi on April 23, 2003.

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  1. word my brotha. haha. jin jja though. dude roy why are you so deep these days? hahaha

  2. Word Roy.. those are some words of wisdom okay talk to you laters

  3. Word Roy.. those are some words of wisdom okay talk to you laters

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