WTF is up with these corrupt, scandalous, no good chinese business owners who think that just ‘cuz we’re younger that we’re also prideless, ignorant, naive dumbasses who are too dumb and too lazy to realize their corruptness?!!

So me, nick, and jason were chillin at Garden Cafe (yeah, the famous Garden Cafe in Rowland Heights) just grubbin down. Nick gets a nasty little beetle-lookin insect in his soup, and so we tell the manager. That short little balding bastard comes over and just takes away the soup — he doesn’t even freakin apologize or show any type of concern or regret. So of course we’re pissed off, ‘cuz we should be gettin some free boba or something, y’kno? And then, they completely undercook Nick’s ribs, so we have to tell a waitress to cook it some more. So yeah, we were pretty dissatisfied by the end of the meal. Time for billing. Ok picture this: the total was $26.40. (i know all these exact numbers ‘cuz i kept the receipt) So i pay with my credit card ‘cuz i’m broke as a joke. They gimme the credit card receipt (where i have to put the tip, the new total, and sign the line). On the bottom of this receipt, they conveniently put “Gratuity Guideline: 15%=$3.96, 20%=$5.28.” So being as pissed as we were, i only gave them $3.60 to make it even out to $30.00. So then we leave… NEXT DAMN MORNING, i wake up and i got this gut feeling that we got jipped. So i checked my credit card statement and it said that Garden Cafe deducted $31.68!! WTF?! So i print out the statement and go back with my dad. They ended up searching for our credit card receipt and they found it in this bag filled with receipts from the day before. We matched up the two receipts (my customer copy and the store copy) and on the store copy, someone CROSSED OUT MY $3.60 tip and wrote in $5.28, which is conveniently the suggested gratuity for 20%. Their only reply to this is: “i’m sorry, it was our mistake. someone must have done it without us knowing” and all this other crap. So they return our $1.68, and we decide just to drop it. But for real, tell me what kind of scandalous crap is that?! So… moral of the story: never trust any Chinese people except for me.


~ by roychi on March 30, 2003.

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  1. omg, are you kidding me? that’s probably one of the most fucked up stories i’ve ever heard. i would be so pissed if i were you! but those damn restaurant crooks do that a LOT because most people wouldn’t come back for $1.68, y’know? damn, just goes to show that you need to keep all receipts and stay the hell away from scandalous chinks. well, except for you that is.

  2. hahaha that sucks. make sure u dont go back there or they’ll jizz in ur food….. i kno wat i said was incredibly disgusting-sorrie but i just read a article on some chick getting herpes in her mouth from the olive garden in torrance…haha there must be something about restaurants with the word “garden” in it. okay its like 5 AM and i dunno wtf im talking about. have a nice first week of school!

  3. 2pac – Scandalous

  4. damn……………… what the… hell?!!!

  5. That is seriously some funny s***!! You could have taken them to court for their scandalous actions, because they are deinitely not allowed to “edit” the receipt, but it probably would have been ridiculous for just $1 and some odd cents. No worries homie, what goes around, comes around! some people are just SHIESTY!

  6. ahahah Chinese people are stupid and scandalous and stingy and smelly

  7. dayam….now that’s some fucked up shit that happened to you…i feel sorry for u, better luck next time..i was jes checkin out ur site and thought it was pretty cool…aight then hit me back if ya want…peace

  8. mmm… i dunno roy. trust you? iiii dunno bout that.

  9. HHAahahaha  that’s fuckin’ funny….

  10. yo roy..corrupt and shady asians…now we brought a virus over…damn…neway stay up and chill man..keep the writing going…peace

  11. HAHA…that’s hilarious.  you know why it is?  it could be that they’re shady chinese ppl or it could be that they’re mandarin-hatin’ cantonese ppl!!!  dim sum…cafes….not the best place for us proper-chinese speaking people to be going without the proper cantonese make-sure-they-don’t-screw-us-over-ors. 

  12. thaaaaaaaaaaaaat bites.

  13. Haha, that’s some funny shit.  At least you can still make fun of all this, despite the crooked ass peons at Garden.

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