Just got my grades back. pretty bummed out. i don’t think it’s looking too good for my future. i’ve already accepted the fact that for my future career, i’m gonna be a cook for the Tacos Mexicos mexican food stand whose primary duty is to grate the cheese and churn the sour cream. or if i’m lucky enough, maybe i’ll work my way up to being a server at Puzzles. then i’ll hook you guys up with extra fries. Number 54! Number 54!!

on a brighter note, it is spring break. so go crazy, forget about finals, party hardchillax your mind, and stay away from potential suicide bombers. stay safe u guys.

(( btw, a happy birthday shoutout to my homie Eddie. happy 20th bro. ))


~ by roychi on March 22, 2003.

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  1. yay… i’m the first one 🙂 don’t worry about those grades…. it’ll be fine…. forgeddabout it… and enjoy your break… you doing anything special?!!! at least all the snow has melted up here for me 🙂

  2. hey i know u…aren’t u the guy that farted in barnes and nobles? hahahha fag…

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