This one’s for you.

Hoe. Skank. Slut. Trick. / You stupid wannabe gangster chick / Pound full of make-up to cover the zits / I know you’re not that dumb but u still act like a ditz / Wearing five sizes too small so everything rips / Why don’t you do us a favor and buy something that fits / It’s freakin annoying when you RyTe LyKE diS~! / And when your so damn quick to get all pissed / Doin’ all these drugs ‘cuz u think you’re hardcore / Sleepin’ around like a fifty-cent whore / Think you all invincible tryin’ to act crazy / End up havin’ an illegitimate baby / And droppin out of school ‘cuz you too damn lazy / How you even live with yourself is so amazing / Who do you think you are, you selfish hoe / Your parents raising you, hoping you’ll grow / To be somebody successful and to make them proud / While your crushing all their dreams so that you could be wild / And smile like what you’re doing is so damn right / Killing them inside while you’re messing up your life / And when your ignorant mind finally swallows all that pride / You cry and wanna die, attempting suicide / Why?! Newsflash you dumbass you did this to yourself / Rejecting all the love and blessings you held / Well, the first thing you should do before you pick up that knife / Is apologize to your parents and the people in your life / Who cried and tried to tell you what’s right / Who gave up their pride and sacrificed their life / Just so that they could fight and be by your side / And to the girls who are just little young mini-hoes / Anxious to blaze and drop and ready to expose / To lose your clothes and for those who chose to be like that / I hope someone who cares will give you a slap / And whack your head with a baseball bat / Just so that you’ll hopefully gain some intelligence back / And I honestly hope that you’ll gain some respect / For the sake of yourself and those you affect / So you won’t end up a ruined raggedy old slut / Who nobody will care about when they’ve given up / So change your ways and try to succeed / And you will be provided with everything you need / Instead of being that easy, slutty, drugged up girl / Who before she died, was already dead to the world.


Currently Bumpin’: “Wonder Why They Call Ya Bitch” – 2Pac
Definitely Check Out: “G.O.D. (Gaining One’s Definition)” – Common
Must Download: “Critical” – Zion I (feat. Planet Asia)


~ by roychi on March 16, 2003.

5 Responses to “”

  1. oh em ef gee roy. e props! e props! hahaha no seriously though, took the words out of my mouth. hoe bags.

  2. hmm..since i have been mistaken before, are you SERIOUS about this blog?!?!
    but yah… i mean, i agree…but geez! you’re harsh. a lot of bitterness in this blog. do ppl really attempt suicide? ppl are psycho these days. do you really know anyone who does this?

  3. that’s pretty tight .. i give you props for the flow .. but .. i was lookin through your xanga .. and i was pretty surprised at the list of groups you listen to .. they’re pretty similar to those of mine .. just wonderin .. did you go to the walk out a couple weeks ago? .. cuz zion i was out there .. and they performed .. pretty tight .. :p .. i hope you did well in mgmt 1a .. it’s a crazy class but i’m lookin forward to 1b .. and i was just curious as to how you know felix and all .. i figured that’s where you got my name from .. but .. ah .. i’m just procrastinating finals .. that’s all .. aiite .. good luck this week .. i’m out

  4. I stumbled upon your site. It’s pretty tight.

  5. HI ROY! It’s me, ur best orientation bud, CECI.
    Dude, those are some harsh words, man.
    Good luck on ur Finals. I kno u can rock dem, u always do, u friggin genius. Have faith! keep ur head up~
    uh…maybe i’ll see ya……….before we graduate……one of these days…..
    hahaha. bie. ❤

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