M a k a Live45: you wanna go chill this weekend?
*Anonymous*: hmm any cute girls? if not, then nah

ok… can you desperate bastards stop basing your decisions on whether or not cute girls are gonna be there?? is not going gonna change the fact that you will not be in the company of cute girls? the only difference is that in situation a) you will not be in the company of cute girls but be with friends and having fun, and situation b) you will not be in the company of cute girls and be ALONE. asking whether or not cute girls will be there is fine, but when that sole answer is the foundation for your decisions, then that’s pretty sad. if you want to see cute girls so bad then turn on “Smallville” or “American Idol” (julia damato, hehe). psh… losers. hahaha.


~ by roychi on February 6, 2003.

12 Responses to “”

  1. lol roy! you watch american idol?? that’s so funny; guys don’t ever admit to that stuff.
    but what you blogged about is so true. if i invite a guy to anything, the first retort back is “are there going to be cute girls there?” i mean gosh, can’t you just come cas I invited you!?!?!

  2. hahah wats wrong with American Idol?? haha… julia is hot. she’s worth it all.

  3. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA hmm i dont know what i was going to write… good shit… okbye!

  4. i concur with roy…julia is FINE. but meet some fine girls.

  5. Sounds like Stephen. Yeah. 99% sure that was Stephen.Edawerd: What are you gonna do if they’re hot girls?Stephen: Just look.

  6. fuckers fuckers fuckers….at least im lookin at girls eddie and not roy’s ass. and roy is a whiny girl..STOP WHINING

  7. lol .. that was stephen, right roy?

  8. yup. haha of course — he’s the most pathetic out of all of us.

  9. stop whining roy

  10. and who the HELL is giving this gay ass so many eprops

  11. o wait nm…it says who sends them

  12. your xanga is amusing

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