SOMEBODY FIX MY COMPUTER!!! it has been a week since i last had a fully-operating computer. no aim, no internet, no aim, no email, and even worse: no aim. this past week has been filled with roaming the halls of my dorm, being a computer pigeon through mooching off other peoples’ computers (thanks to jenchon, michelle, mike, nancie, de neve computer lab, etc.) but yeah, now i realize that i took my computer for granted.

on a good note, though: Chinese New Year was so tight. finally my wallet actually contains more money than receipts and i.o.u.’s. so if i owe you money, expect to be paid pretty soon. (note: “pretty soon” can be interpreted in many ways)

oh yeah, and i wanna thank those people who gave me talks about that ish that i was going through. don’t get it twisted, i’m cool now. wat a trip, tho’. =P

so that’s about it. so… happy chinese new year to all my chinks; good luck to all those studying for midterms; and happy birthday to the febs: max, grace, allen, john, stanley, jane kim, shal, joanna, jane kwon, emily, etc. (ey shorty, it’s yo birthday). take it easy guys.

Currently Listening to: “In Da Club 50 Cent
Beautiful” – Snoop Dogg


~ by roychi on February 3, 2003.

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