the party of the year is happening tonight / weed, drugs, and alchy — it’s gonna be tight / i gave my mom a hug as i said bye to my family / deciding whether or not to take my mom’s camry / finally i decided just to take the truck / hopefully i don’t get there late… damn that would suck / the party was incredible, everything was cool / this awesome celebration of no more school / the clinking of glasses / so fast how the time passes / not even a thought about our future caskets / and why should we? / the moment is now, right? / carpe diem, this is the time / no worries about consequences of crime / take another shot, c’mon do it for me / when will we have another chance to be free? / so as the contents of the vodka disappear / and we chug the rest of the four kegs of beer / we become dazed in confusion of what we feel / some of us vomiting our previous meals / and when we are more drunk than we think / convincing ourselves that we didn’t even really drink / and for a split second we’re okay to drive / not thinking that in minutes i won’t even be alive / so who has my keys? c’mon give ’em to me / don’t tell me i can’t drive, i can do it, you’ll see / i’m not drunk! i’m not even talking slow / z, y, x, w… now can i go?! / yes i’m sure, ok finally, you punk / fool i’ll show you that i’m nowhere near drunk / and so walking to the car was a little hard / but i know its only because the path was pretty dark / i pulled out of the driveway, going around 10 / knowing that behind me was my overreacting friend / damn why’s the road so trippy, why are the lights so bright? / and a few seconds later, i was dead that night. / but moments after my last breath / i must’ve gotten another chance after death / ‘cuz i looked at myself in the crash / legs torn off and chest in the dash / the police were saying that everybody died / i thought about my parents and how much they’ll cry / damn, how’s this going to affect my family? / crashing into… what the hell?!…

my mother’s camry.


~ by roychi on January 28, 2003.

4 Responses to “”

  1. unlike you roy, ill say a decent comment…you FAG!  lyrics in the beginning were whatever…but i kept reading…and the ending turned out pretty crazy.  so you get 2 eprops.  good job william shakesqueer…haha no no…i wouldnt reuse an insult back on your ass.

  2. hey roy, it was cool seeing you that day.  haha didnt talk much though, but hey, nice piece man.  i like the end, takes the reader off the cliff..stay up man take care peace

  3. hey roy!!~! i didnt know you had xanga haha just wanted to say wsupz -=)

  4. whooooooooa getting ALLLLLLL deep roy chi. but its good. haha i have to admit.

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