here’s a picture of me & stephen on a snow-covered Mama Yang… we’re standing on her abs as you can see…

hahah and this is for Jane & Dennis… the two biggest fans of Mary Jane:
(oh i got this site off of Will‘s site… thanks haha)


~ by roychi on January 25, 2003.

4 Responses to “”

  1. too bad i modeled those after the most perfect breasts i’ve ever seen, which belong to mama chi you incestuous piece of shit, lickin your own mama’s breasts.  You swear you’re 6 months old again.  As for stephen… he coo. haha.  I like to call my work of art “mamachi’s breasts through every young man’s eyes” hehehehehe

  2. oh yeah, these 4 eProps are for me again BLEAAAAAAAAATCH hahhahaa

  3. mamachi’ssssssss bizoooooooooooobiessss

  4. thanks roy…for all your support and love. It really means a lot to me. take care and be safe.
    always, Gin

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