arrite i’m gonna take a lil’ break from the usual and just talk a lil’ bit about giving. haha not in a corny way, but have you ever thought about why people give? whether it be time or money or service or energy, people always seem to be giving. well, that can’t be a bad thing, rite? but if u think about it, why do you give? let’s say you buy your friend a christmas gift — do you expect a gift in return? would you get angry or bothered if your friend gave you nothing but a simple “merry christmas?” or better yet, would you give your friend a christmas gift knowing that he/she won’t give you one in the first place? if you say yes, then you’re not longer giving, you’re trading. if you’re trading, then you don’t give because you’re generous or caring or just a good friend — you give because you want something in return. do you agree to drive your friend to school because you’re a good friend? or is it because you know that he or she will owe you, and it’s the reward that you’re looking forward to. i think all of us have had instances where we are pissed off ‘cuz we did something for a person, and they don’t “pay us back”… yeah, sometimes that “thank you” just isn’t enough. we want presents or money or a free lunch. or we put what we did for them in our permanent memory card, and we don’t even hesitate to play it whenever we need something (“hey! remember that time that i helped you…”). but if you think about it, who wants to be helped just ‘cuz the helper wants something in return?? if you agree to help me just because you want a free dinner, then fool, i don’t need your assistance. so next time someone asks you for help — think about it. if you want to do it because you care for them, or you wanna be a good friend, or you’re naturally generous, then a simple “thank you” would be more than enough of a reward. but if you want to do it because you’re a selfish, greedy bastard, then stop messin around and just say: “nah, i can’t help you because i just want a free lunch…”

that’s all for today. if you’re reading this musicless, then download some Good Charlotte (“The Anthem” and “Little Things“). they’re pretty tight. and Nas’s God’s Son rocks (especially “Warriors Song,” “Dance,” and “The Cross“)… here’s what’s in my winamp for the week:

In Da Club” – 50 Cent
Landslide” – Dixie Chicks
Rock The Party” – Benzino
Running” – No Doubt
I’d Do Anything” – Simple Plan
Taste of Ink” – The Used
What Happened To That Boy – Baby feat. Clipse 
Break You Off” – The Roots
Mesmerize” – Ja Rule feat. Ashanti
Tell Me” – Smilez & Southstar
Ma, I Don’t Love Her” – Clipse

koo… take it easy guys.


~ by roychi on January 21, 2003.

3 Responses to “”

  1. geez roy. no one leaves comments for you anymore. hahaha. since i’m SUCH a good friend here i am giving you 2 eprops. not trading. haha. hey and “koo… take it easy guys.” you think youre so thug. ;D jaykay roy. youre the breast.

  2. SOMEONE over analyzes everything like a little girl you’re gay roy
    p.s. these 2 eProps are for ME BITCH hahahha

  3. gay ppl and their evil motives you’ve exposed them all

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