The American Flag

The crimson collage of soldiers after the fight / Blindly fighting for justice with no justice in sight / A painful reminder of the existence of war / With no answers as to why we’re even fighting for / A sudden burst of anger leads to actions of haste / Ignoring history and past battles we’ve faced / Peace we desire but we end up as liars / Everybody knows you can’t fight fires with fires / And what’s even worse is the cloak over our eyes / Blended with propaganda which leads to demise / You think you’re fighting for a cause by causing all the fights / Always making up excuses and exploiting all your rights / Bloodshed / All red / Stripes which depict the bloody battlefields of our ground / Battles on our streets where murder victims are found / Living in this life so hard to survive / And this is the liberty for which we strive?! / Stripes of red / So alive are the stripes of red / But morals? Love? Trust? Liberty? / All which are dead.

What happened to the promise of better days? / What happened to our promise of changing our ways? / You say you live strong for the red, white, and blue / Fighting with passion in whatever you do / But what if I told you a different truth? / That YOUR personal hypocrisy is what’s making us lose / After 9-11 our nation was shattered / And superficial desires no longer mattered / But as time passed by not too many nights after / Declarations of war diminished the laughter / We ceased to love and forgot to care / Humanistic empathy was replaced by fear / Selfless actions were replaced by pride / And we trashed the liberties that we once swore to abide / Don’t call yourself American, because you are not / Standing around ignorantly while others have fought / We are standing on the edge between rise and fall / And what you contribute today will affect us all / So don’t stand up dormant and complain of defeat / ‘Cuz it’s from the apathy of the bystander that the nation’s wounds bleed.

“Why do we murder murderers in order to show that murdering is wrong?”
     — Holly Near (1917-1984)

“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
     — Albert Pike (1809-1891)


~ by roychi on January 16, 2003.

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  1. hey roy!! nice site~ hehe kae ttylz or see u at LA bbaiz~!!

  2. Bush is right: GOTO WAR FOR OIL!

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