Prayer To God From A Typical Chink:

 Dear God,
        Nee how ma? I’m wishin’ You the best / Don’t worry this isn’t one of my materialistic requests / I’m not asking for an A+ as my physics grade / I just need some comfort ‘cuz I’m pretty afraid / Maybe of disappointment or maybe of regret / Or maybe that I’m the one that my dream schools reject / Like why do my parents always expect / For me to be pre-med or something hi-tech / And at those family reunions and Christmas parties / With my cousins who are science geeks and mathematical smarties / Like why do my relatives always insist / On asking me those questions that they know will get me pissed / Like: “Are you feeling better about being rejected / From Harvard or Stanford (or somewhere else that’s well respected)?” / Badgering me about what’s my intended major / Interrogating me like I’m some kind of failure / Why?! So they can give me pity ‘cuz I’m not a smooth talker? / Or pride themselves ‘cuz their son’s a wealthy doctor?! / What ever happened to reaching for your dreams? / Guess that’s not with Asian families, ‘cuz that’s how it seems / I hate how I’m always compared to my other relatives / And how my parents always ignore it whenever I tell them this / Like the little chink boy has no choice in life / About his career or goals or even his future wife / And what’s even worse is that I feel so guilty / I act as if I don’t care but seriously it kills me / I always feel like I’m restricted in my choice of a career / Constantly swamped with the lectures that I hear / “Oh Mister Wang’s son just got into M.I.T.! / Why can’t you be more like your uncle Dr. Lee?” / With Jesus’s choices, I’m sure that You were proud / So why in my family are my dreams not allowed? / So I’m praying to You because I want my parents to see / that I’m not Mister Wang’s son and that I’m not Dr. Lee / Or perhaps give me strength to do what I wanna do / To not let ignorant minds prevent me from being true / Or maybe give me patience so that one day they might see / That there’s no greater joy in life than to let myself be me / Or if You can, can You help me to start to think / That there’s no better blessing in this world than to be a typical chink… Xie xie.



~ by roychi on December 30, 2002.

6 Responses to “”

  1. oohhhh so so true. i think every asian child raised in america is faced with this constant dilemma. continually being pushed into the technology or medical field and always being compared to anyone who is considered a “success.” blahhh i see the negative aspect, but sometimes i wonder if i’d be as successful if my parents didn’t push me as much, y’know? would you really work so hard in school if you didn’t feel the pressure? maybe. maybe not.
    i guess sometimes it’s nice to know that what you are, or who you are, is good enough. don’t you hate it when people shove in your face all the schools that rejected you? what is up with that?!?! so B U N K!

  2. hehehe I’m sure your parents are very proud of you.  I think they just want you to know that you can do better than Mr. Wang’s son or Dr. Lee.  I’m sure just as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing, they will too.  Happy New Year =)

  3. Silly chink. If you were KOREAN, you wouldn’t have such problems. Muhahahaha.

  4. if you want to be a giggalo, roy…go for it! just not in America.

  5. happy nEW yeAr roy!!… hope you had a goOd break.. noW bak to school.. *sigh.. dude.. you’Re rhYmesa are tite.. =) keep writing.. and.. i kno God is listening to your prayers.. ^^ byEeee

  6. your azian you love math.

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