Don’t tell me what I feel you don’t know me / If you can find a better way then please show me / Have you ever looked in the mirror and saw / An image so revealing so real and raw / You wanna, close ya eyes but the pain’s too deep / ‘Cuz you know you know the truth about the person you see / Images are flashing and you realize / How much crap that you’ve encountered, all the hurt and lies / Tryin’ to turn back to the times when you were proud of yourself / The days when you looked in the mirror and did nothing but smile / Why am I like this? How did I lose? / Where along the line did I have a chance to choose? / Tears start to flow flushing dreams away / Where the hell were you God everytime I prayed?! / Everytime I needed you most you were never there / How am I supposed to believe if you don’t even care? / I hate waking up because I know I’ll be hurt / Hurt! / Hurt!! / When all I really need in this life is to be heard / Heard! / Heard!! / No one understands its so hard to breathe / Like a prisoner of suffering I just wanna be free / My lungs lock up blocking barracade / My heart beats so fast ‘cuz I’m so damn afraid / Will I die? Will I choke? Will I cease to live? / Maybe I’ll be better off, no more lies to give / No more telling myself that hope exists / No more lying to the world that I do exist / No more saying to myself that love exists / No more believing all this crap that God exists!!! / No more living this in this world where hatred lives.


What the hell do you mean I am not alone? / Acting like you know me in that condescending tone / Have you ever had a blade slicing up your wrist? / Or taken PCP everytime you’re pissed? / Walked along the center line in the middle of the street? / Stood in the intersection and took a seat? / Hoping that a truck would fail to see / And end my worthless life for me? / You say that through your father I can do all / You say you will catch my every fall / Then fine, I will stand on this balcony / Close my eyes and fall, will you be there for me? / Will you lift me up so safely like you said you would / If you do then I will change my life to be good / If you don’t then I’ll die like I wanted to / And no longer will I take anymore crap from you / So as I die, may you know, that I tried my best / Never did I doubt you, never second guessed / But you gave me hurt, you gave me pain / I was so lost and confused, many times insane / I felt so alone, you were never there / You never gave me hope, never answered my prayers / So as I jump from this height, fall from the sky / May you know that i HATE you as I die.

What the hell? I’m still alive.

. I . AM . ALWAYS . HERE .


~ by roychi on December 10, 2002.

15 Responses to “”

  1. wow… intense.

  2. whoa whoa roy…..pretty DARK~

  3. im feeling this one ghost…dark..just the way i love those words and rhymes…peace

  4. GOOD LUCK on finals 🙂

  5. M a k a Live45 (10:02:38 PM): did you leave me eprops? hahah i wanna try and get as many eprops as possibleEdAwerd (10:03:14 PM): omgEdAwerd (10:03:18 PM): you are so vain——————————————————–Roy is making me give him eprops. Obviously, hes trying to become really rich in eprops to compensate for something else he was poorly endowed in.

  6. ROY~! You deserve it buddy!!

  7. lol give to the poor for their attempts to be rich… i’m like the bum at 3rd street that does magic tricks for money…

  8. u inspired me to write omethin..chck it out if u have time…thank peace


  10. geez roy. why are eprops so important to you?

  11. roy ure so gay…..i wish there was such a thing as negative eprops. then i would give u a lot.

  12. lol… u ungrateful bastards

  13. hey roy..it’s melody…wow..so this is wat u spend ur time doin instead of econ..haha…i understand…niec to see wat else goes thru ur mind though…juss sayin hi

  14. YOU FEEL ALONE! NOT ME BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 EPROPS FOR LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  15. smileybomb!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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