here’s a lil’ message to thank ya guys / for the unconditional love u’ve put in my life / there’s nothin in this world that could split us apart / ‘cuz we’re homies till the end since the very start…

started in september first day of school / walking around upland like i was so damn cool / with my doublemint attire and gothic ways / how much i wish i could redo those days / i saw a group of asians in the p.e. gym / comin from rancho it was hard to fit in / but i realized that everything turned out arrite / ‘cuz it didn’t take long for us to be tight / ey guys, do you remember the times / when we would cut all up in that potato line / and dustin hoffman would kick us out / and remember karen hung with her predator mouth / eating her potato like she starved for a day / and when kathie would pass by and call me ray / when john kim would be absent everyday / and we’d steal people’s fries whenever they pray / dennis’s parties with the truth or dare / and nick and ed’s exxes that no one would wear / when joanna humped that old man statue / and you’d run out early hoping a proctor won’t catch you / when neon genesis was the afterschool thing / dance dance revolution where jason was the king / in the cafeteria when stephen tilted back and fell / johnny with his “soul destroying ” and “damn you to hell” / ditching that day when there was those bomb scares / haha remember “PlaYaZ” when we were all into wares? / all the times we boxed at eddie’s house / and my snake pikey that got eaten by that mouse / 4th of july firework fights with felix and his friends / gettin mad at jason for all the gay crap he sends / jumping over fireworks in front of stephen’s pad / the article that king wrote that got chris and erin mad / late night bonfires at newport beach / felix signing on AOL when levy would teach / when it seemed like everyone and they momma got a new cat / the time in my garage where we found that huge rat / murphy’s speghetti party and then hookah afterwards / sittin’ in eddie’s backyard paintballing birds / the jsa conventions that we spent playin big 2 / halloween when stephen came to school as pikachu / the nights when we’d tp like 5 houses in a row / you hoes being bastards tacklin me in snow / felix busting out his wenrick kick / dope ass speghetti parties by speghetti master nick / when dennis was about to get a VW bug / and how nitin always tries to be so thug / stephen sayin “i’ll be waiting” to you-know-who / and what made it even worse was Michelle Chu / when eddie got in mad trouble for writing “zeke heil” / always gettin’ pissed when u ended up third wheel / callin’ “shotgun!” for like every freakin’ event / takin’ forever in blockbuster for the videos we rent / never forgettin “seatback!” whenever we left our seat / Atkin’s diets when all we ate was meat / eating Feedable with jason & nick ‘cuz nitin ditched us raw / and the KRU comics that i used to draw / tping Heidi and stephen’s “UHS!!” / and when he threw a roll of tp at those guys, damn that was the best / when we gambled every night and john lin always took our money / haha and me farting at barnes and nobles was too damn funny / when erin was jocked by that “other john kim” / when jason reynolds denied tping chris but we knew it was him / studying late night at barnes and borders / when my nostril was all big like the size of quarters / freakin always playing starcraft and counterstrike / wearing those silver rings that we used to like / when john kim drove around that Folgers can / and PC Ting where we’d play on LAN / can’t forget john lin with his first car / that 1846 Celica didn’t get too far / the crazy drama with lauren cano / in NY when we tried to unclog the toilet with drain-o / jason’s gay terms like “madness” and “weeee” / at big sur when stephen got wacked with that tree / remember koda-don’t-feed from big sur? / and the time john lin slapped todd kler / callin’ nick a grandpa ‘cuz he always forgets / and johnny with his chinese tarets / those late night street races were always tight / until you fools left me there that one night / those field trips when we had confetti egg fights / that day at the park where we played frisbee and flew kites / when everyone spotted stephen ‘cuz he never could afford / when we all met at his pad and johnny brought a sword / PLS everytime no matter where we went / and john kim swearing that he’s really clark kent / when trance bumped in cars ‘cuz raves were the thing / when “Numba One Stunna” was what everyone would sing / when stephen got leebola and it was nasty as hell / and we should’ve gotten an A in cheating ‘cuz we did it so well / Mi Casa, Denny’s, and Mix Bowl were the places to chill / ey remember avi the jew climbin up that crap hill? / garden cafe where we gulfed up that calimari / haha remember in the museum when john lin smacked “sundary”? / when dennis went out with becky laird / and when johnny came to applebees and i was freakin scared / ‘cuz i called lauren a bitch on intercom / just chillin’ bored at life plaza right after prom / bare elegance damn that was tight / soul sharing with steve and jason late at night / eddie pullin that skunk outta his bimmer with a pair of pliers / and nitin goin crazy with his rapid fires / all the games of risk and whatevers crews / the parties, the romping, the tight 10-2’s / when johnny told us he won a trip to vegas but it was really a j-cation / late night yoe-price matching at like every gas station / how eddie told us that he smells his crap / when i was caught molesting a mannequin at the GAP / freakin’ throwing snowballs at me when i was tryin’ to pee / and when johnny stole that shrek from AMC / that night at irvine dropping twice in a row / 2 by 2 thinkin we were gonna make piles of dough / erin’s arm flab that we all loved to squeeze / sayin “yo mama black” and “wat the heeze” / makin fun of eddie liking donkeys and lil’ girls / jason’s apt parties where everyone hurls / chillin with the Ranch-Hoes and the CgZ / joanna kissing thighs with her VgZ / copying answers on like every test / all night at Cyber City representing DOS / stephen’s galbee parties those were the bomb / but the real reason we went was cuz of his fine ass mom / nitin changing a light bulb in his car and thinkin’ he’s cool / late night swimming in stanley’s pool / remember grad night in that hotel / and me swearing secrecy and then i’d go tell / going to SF with erin & dennis to visit jane kwon / chris with his huge umbrella while the rest of us are gettin rained on / tellin ghost stories at mccarthy park / ringing jason’s door and hearing his dog’s bark / when Penny humped dennis and Peter humped everyone else / gettin OCS from lubarsky so always tryin to beat the bells / but it was hard ‘cuz of parking at the APL / goin to Sav-On and always using their gel / homecoming with johnny and audrey together / and backwards porno with eddie and heather / jimmy punching walls and then becoming a hermit / sleeping in Geisler’s class ‘cuz he sounded like Kermit / wu as the devil freakin flaking everyday / whenever we asked him for answers that fool would never say / when stephen hung up on “kristen” on the first call / and when he got hit in the face with a basketball / and this is just a lil’ of the crap we all went through / acting like fools but we always stayed true / and that’s what i’m thankful for this thanksgiving / ‘cuz if u don’t got true friends then what’s the point of living? homies for life. uPLaNd.

Currently Playing: “Life Goes On” – 2Pac


~ by roychi on December 3, 2002.

11 Responses to “”

  1. haha im the first to comment. DUDE im getting sick of being a celebrity.. y am the star again?!

  2. Shut Up stephen.. Your so Gay! anyway… hello Roy…. Nice Poem…. You Upland Guys are like so COOL! *yea* Psh-Wah!

  3. aww roy!! this is so cute and funny. “chillin with the Ranch-Hoes and the CgZ” yeah *Cg* better be in it =P haha i miss you hanging out with upland okay take care bye!

  4. hey whats up fag. this is your BEST friend jenchonLESbomb. yeah. what a great friend. writes derogatory homosexual comments on my door. anyways. you know i have no life, so i’ll prolly get around to reading this long ass crap. ok bye bye

  5. sigh…roys making me add an ecomment and an eprop to his poem which is really just a shrine to me. so just subtract 2 eprops and ignore this ecomment. gah how pathetic….
    ure cool roy

  6. when stephen hung up on “kristen” on the first call
    lol keep up the funnyness

  7. word man.. i know how you feel..good stuff as usual..peace

  8. Roy is right. None of us really liked your mom’s galbi. In fact, they smell a lot like my crap (eh eh eh…). But it was a small price to pay for seeing you mom in an apron. 2 eProps for mama Ahn.

  9. how funny that this would never have happened if i hadnt told you to go find some friends..haha jk

  10. haha whoa~ roy wassup long time no talk~ yeah i remember who u were thanks for leaving me a comment i’m just returning the favor.  hope ur taking cares in college~ haha aiite then talk to u later buh bye~ -esther

  11. eddie eddie eddie….i cant believe ure talking about smelling crap when we all kno how familiar u are with ure crap

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