Y’kno what’s weird? When you go off to college and then you meet up with your homies from high school for the first time in a while (in this case danxgivin’ weekend). But anyway, like the SECOND you see them, it’s like NOTHING’s changed from the last time you saw them. It’s like if you were to press pause when you’re watching a video, and then go take a 3-day crap and come back and press play again. The video is still continuing naturally as if you had never left. The jokes, the insults, the homieship. Crazy, eh? The strange part is that when everybody is off to their own respective universities/colleges, they’re a whole new person or at least changing in some way or another. And just when you think you’ve changed as a person — the way you view life, the way you act, the jokes you make. BAM! that’s when it’s winter break or something and you see all your hometown friends again, and you’re back to your original bad self. craygee, eh? arrite jus my two cents for today.

p.s. stephen (I2ei) stop writing gay ass comments. i’m gonna make you look like you do in the 2nd picture on my photo entry.

btw, what do a UCLA Bruin and a USC Trojan have in common?  …  They both got into USC!

haha USC Trojans are PUSCz!


~ by roychi on December 1, 2002.

5 Responses to “”

  1. whassup~ it’s asuka…just wanted to say hi. nice site(cute pics)  3 more weeks and i’ll be back in la(don’t miss me too much )

  2. nice poem bro…im glad i provide humor to your life. haha…

  3. stupid….in ure case roy its a 3 year crap…AND URE FUCKING GAY HAHAHAHHAAHHA


  5. now this was insightful =D

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