Letter To The President

-Roy Chi-

Boom / Shots / The world’s all spinnin’ / Bombs / Plots / There’s no more winnin’ / Y’see, the world in our eyes, as the promise dies / Will erupt with no love will no longer surprise / The end’s drifting near, and there is no cure / And we’ll find no more love if we continue to fear / ‘Cuz the fate of the world is on us / And we’re blinding ourselves in this dust / And it’s no longer religion that controls our decision / It’s the crosshair precision by which hatred has risen / And now we’ve lost the virtue of trust.

Tell me, what’s the point of this war? / Tell me, haven’t we done this before? / Bush why you playing us like a video game / And the lives of these men lost all over again / Are dying ‘cuz we got no one to blame / War on Terrorism? Is that your claim? / The fuel for this fire will only make it go higher / And you’ll only kill more with this flame / It’s ‘cuz you don’t realize what it’s like being dead / Or else you’ll understand what Gandhi had said / That an eye for an eye will make us all blind / And increase all this blood that we shed.

I wonder why you keep us in fear / Because FDR made it all so clear / That the death of a man is the death of the land / And then the liberty of life disappears / I know 9-11 hit hard / And the heart of our nation was marred / But life is no game, its so easy to aim / And shoot and destroy and then scar / So we must conquer the fear in our hearts / And find that last drop, of love so we’ll stop / The fear and the war that dwells in the core, in which the triumph of evil all starts…


~ by roychi on November 8, 2002.

6 Responses to “”

  1. hey roy..it’s gin. wanted to say hey and see how you were doing.

  2. Nice poem. Here’s another (not by me):She was born in Kansas City, raised in Arkansas/Fell in love with an “ex-Marine”/She already had three babies; he had one of his own/They came together for another and me/Our family never shared the same last name/But our family was a family, the same. And they say: Blood is thicker than water Oh, but love is thicker than blood And if blood is thicker than water Then what are we fighting for We’re all sons and daughters Of something that means so much more I see it on my TV but I can’t understand/Lord, it’s one big contradiction to me/How in God’s name we love thy neighbor with fists in our hands/And kill each other when we just don’t agree/Why can’t we see the walls we can’t see through/And see what God’s been telling me and you: Blood is thicker than water Oh, but love, love is thicker than blood

  3. Hey just passing through some sites, glad i came upon yours. Your poem helps voice out alot of opinions.

  4. ooh the pictures add more effect to it roy. i likes =D hey you scribbled on my door pretty ugly. what the heck?! can’t take the time to write nicely now? >=T haha

  5. Yo stopping the war wont stop the hatred/seeing beyong all causes cannot replace it/it, our hearts will strive for better/im feeling the power of your words in this one true letter….
    word roy, awesome man…yeah we havent chilled in awhile, keep doing ur thing..u got a fan here…peace
    b to the r to the c

  6. i like your little rhyme..i hesitate to call it a poem. hmm, sounds like a rap song. put it to a beat and try!

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