Self-Directed Racist Comment Of The Day

So I was walking from class today and it seemed just like a regular, sunny Wednesday. But I was wrong. Dead wrong. I passed by an individual in which I had never seen before, wearing a shirt that will probably haunt my mind for the rest of my life. What horrific sight is this, you might ask. I will tell you, but for those of Chinese-American descent, take caution, for this will not be a pretty story.

I passed by a FOB. NO! Not just your average “supplies!” chink, nor your everday black-leather-jacket-wearing, smoking-while-riding-a-bike-to-class, yelling-at-old-white-ladies-in-their-native-language (some with major tarrets) FOBs. In fact, I won’t even go into detail in what type of FOB he was, because I don’t personally know him and thereby I will refrain from any inappropriate “dah-bien” talkin. In fact, it wasn’t even the person — it was the shirt that overwhelmed me with shame: a bright yellow, extra-small tee with the words “I am bad children” shamefully plastered across the chest area. Furthermore, it had little retarded-looking bears mad-dogging you like they’re all part of some cool gang. Now, normally I am all for free-speech and I usually say wear whatever the hell makes you you. And sometimes I even wish I was a lil’ more ghetto fobulous myself. But come on now. I gotta draw the thin line of embarrassment somewhere.

And why the hell do these chinks try to be so Americanized, yet they fail to even learn the mere basics of the primary American langugage? Any kindergarten dropout can tell you that “I am bad children” just doesn’t freakin’ sound right. If you FOBs can’t even express a simple statement such as “We are bad children” in a form that is… (breathing pause)… even at LEAST grammatically AMBIGUOUS, then why the hell do you even get off the boat in the first place?! And AT LEAST “I am bad children” is desperately attempting to convey a meaningful assertion… WHAT THE CHINK is up with those shirts and backpacks that place 4-5 words that have absolutely no direct relation and are all in either the wrong places or wrong tense. Example: “Bear Playing Fun Dream Me.” That type of crap makes me want to annihilate every damn boat that crosses the Pacific ocean.

I mean, how dare we get so enraged over Abercrombie and Fitch’s blatantly racist shirt designs when we make it so damn easy for them to make fun of us? That’s like a dirty, lazy fool that doesn’t shower and doesn’t wash his clothes getting furious because people call him dirty. Y’know, we might as well just all be wearing shirts that say “Me Chinese, me so dum. Me make fortune cookie all day and know no engrish. So happy in USA numba won!” You chinks make me sick.

(( And by the way, don’t you gooks and japs think I’m not talking to you. When people talk about chinks, don’t think you’re not included in that category. So stop hiding behind your racism-shield of “i ain’t Chinese, i’m Korean” and realize that ignorance can’t tell the difference between a chink and a gook. ))


~ by roychi on November 6, 2002.

3 Responses to “”

  1. Hey Roy, calm down you FOB! Jk
    Hahah how you doing. I dind’t know you and Edster had xanga! what’s going on. well uclaer, take care! Keep up the ranting and raving on your Xanga. It’s fun to read


  2. Yeah man I totally feel you. I hate FOBs to! haha j/k

  3. youre not jk eddie lol…theres this maxim article about all these japanese girls explaining what their shirts mean. for example one says: i happy of note of ride big stick…they explain that the shirt says happiness stems from music…the hell they thinking?

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